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How is Bethlehem House funded?

As a faith-based organization, Bethlehem House does not pursue state or federal funding. Funding comes from community foundations, individuals, families, churches, organizations, grants, businesses, and community and faith groups. Additional funds are raised through events sponsored by Bethlehem House and fundraisers organized by community members. See our 2019 Annual Report

How are women who are homeless (or in a bad situation) and pregnant referred?

Women find our program through numerous channels, from online searches to medical provider and area social service agency referrals.

Why do you have an application process?

Bethlehem House offers a very independent program aimed at transforming lives. Women are challenged daily to step beyond their comfort zone, discover their talents, and work toward self-sufficiency. The application process, which is a combination of written and interview, helps us determine if a woman is capable and ready for change.

Is there a waiting list for residency at Bethlehem House?

There is typically not a waiting list.  Approximately 1 in 4 applicants become a resident of Bethlehem House, and we average about six applicants per month.

There are several reasons why only 25 percent of prospective residents move in. Those reasons include: she fails to complete the application process; she is not interested in following house policies (i.e. curfew, chores, requirement to work or get a GED); it is determined that group living may be too stressful for her during her pregnancy; staff see that she needs in-patient services for mental health or substance abuse; she has tendencies to be violent; or she has a criminal history with violent crimes. All women interested in the program are encouraged to apply, or call us for more information.

What happens to those who don't get accepted into Bethlehem House?

When someone does not get accepted or opts not to move into Bethlehem House, families are referred to other area agencies appropriate for their needs.

What if a woman is not a fit for your program, but in need of help?

The mission of Bethlehem House is inclusive, to serve as a beacon of hope and community for families in need. Our trauma-informed staff are available to field phone calls day and night, to connect families to services at Bethlehem House or with partner and local agencies. On an annual basis, over 1000 families that never apply for our program are given telephone counseling and referrals to assist with basic needs such as housing, food, clothing, domestic violence, medical support, pregnancy resources, addiction support, household needs, and rent or utility assistance.

How old are the women that stay at Bethlehem House?

Our family life program is designed for women ages 19 and older. Occasionally, exceptions are made for 18-year-olds but there are many more considerations when working with a minor. The average age of those who resided in our home in 2017 was 26.

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