Our Story

Not a shelter, but a home.

Family life is the basic unit of our society. There is a great need to heal our culture and strengthen the family structure in America. Bethlehem House has identified respect for all life – born and unborn – as the crucial issue our community must address.

We know every person has a right to life, and a right to a life; that is, a right to responsible parenting with loving care, education, and encouraging support. We work to compassionately and zealously launch lives on the upward path of responsibility, growth, and community spirit.

Bethlehem House is a place where each woman is shown how to love herself, and helped to find and develop her own unique talents so that upon departing she will be on a path to make the contribution to the world God has planned for her and her child.

Bethlehem House – Empowering Women from Surviving to Thriving

Our Values

Uphold the dignity of the human person

We know that each person is unique, important and deserving of life, unconditional love and respect from the moment of conception to natural death. It is our commitment to exemplify our knowledge of the intrinsic value of human life in all facets of our programs and services.

Support and strengthen family and community

We understand the importance of exemplifying what a healthy family and community looks like, feels like, and functions like. Family is the central social institution and good parenting helps sustain life, guides morality and informs healthy decision making.

Foster an environment of mercy and hope

It is our responsibility to demonstrate compassion to the most vulnerable population, and to instill hope in those we serve. We strive to cultivate a sense of solidarity in our greater community by identifying and addressing poverties of our culture.

Our Mission

To provide pregnant and parenting women in crisis, regardless of their faith preference, with a home, hope and empowerment through life-affirming services rooted in Catholic tradition.

Board Members

President Linda Maher
Vice President Mike Bojanski
Treasurer Steven Knight
Michelle Daniels
Fr. Lloyd Gnirk
Patrick Leahy
Lequisha Sims, LCSW, LMHP
Craig Vavak
Jeanette Wojtalewicz


Executive Director

Holly Sak

After volunteering with the mission, Holly Sak accepted the Executive Director position in 2016. She is a strong, passionate advocate for women and families. Holly received her Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture from Truman State University and holds a bachelor degree in Nursing from Creighton University. She has worked with at-risk families for twelve years, specializing in maternity and early development. Holly served as the postpartum unit manager at Creighton University Medical Center for six years, and operated as a community health nurse and case manager for low income families for three years. In 2014, Holly received recognition by the Nebraska state health department for her instrumentation in the startup of a Healthy Families America (HFA) child abuse and prevention program with the Visiting Nurse Association of Douglas County. Holly has served on the Douglas County Perinatal and Intrapartum Health community boards.

Program Director

Gina Tomes

Gina Tomes assisted in launching the Family Life residential program for Bethlehem House in 2005, and has fostered programming since the organization’s inception. Gina has 25 years of experience in human services, education, affordable housing, addiction recovery, non-profit management and social work. She currently oversees the Family Life residential program, Aftercare Alumni services program, and Faith formation services. Gina received her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and Political Science from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. She holds a certificate in Family Ministry from Creighton University and is nationally certified Birkman Method Life Coach.

Development & Operations Director

Keith Allerton

Executive Director
Holly Sak, RN
Family Life Director
Gina Tomes
Development & Operations Director
Keith Allerton
Family Life Manager
Tammi Hess
Aftercare Manager
Megan Sharpe
Overnight Coordinators
Kyndra Garrett, Trudy Hogueison, Nina Kampe, Alison Kampe
Humble Lily Lead Sales
Korrie Zeschmann
Humble Lily Lead Product Specialists 
Elizabeth Galnette, Mary Howell
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